WTS 11mil char

Positive wallet
NPC corp
9 mil sp + 1.8 unallocated
High sec base
all base impiants

starting bid 8 bil
buyout 12 bil

7.5b offered

Minimum is 8 bil :grin:

8b buyout I can do

not bad

Let me know if that’s acceptable

is ok, transfer to Demonside money, i transfer char tonight

Has the sale of this completed? Am willing to bid on it if not

make a offer

Oh hey that was fast sorry… is this a PLEX transfer? I can offer 8.2b isk now

No plex
Transfer money to demonside and tonight i transfer pg

Am I the one transferring?

Would like to think my accepted offer is good?

I take the character to the first person who transfers the money.
send an email with the name I need to transfer to.

Ok sending isk and info

ok im waiting

Interested if the prev buyer is out of it / taking too long

On it, be just a minute was driving home

YOLONUT EREBUTT make a offer :slight_smile:

Isk and info sent