SOLD awaiting final stages
I will recieve the isk
I am in an NPC corp
I am in high sec docked
positive wallet
positive sec stat
Starting bid 77 bil
buyout whatever is the highest bid

83 bill

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85 bill

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100B offer

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Wow thats really close to what i want.

I accept 100 bil, send info and isk

Please update if this falls through as I would be interested in offering the same. Thank you!

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When I finish my work and come home, I will send you isk

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isk is sent by my other character: mokeith11, please check

ok now says target user has too many characters?
Please ensure you sent the right account name,i copied and pasted from mail.

The account name is correct, I am deleting a char, wait for me, thank you

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still getting the same message

It’s done, please try it

Please mark your sale complete in the title

I am short like 30 cents to do transactions as some bills came out while waiting for you to make a spot for the character. I will have enough friday morning when my pay gets deposited at midnight PST time zone.
I will transfer when enough is in my account.

ok tried my credit card and had enough on it. You will recieve in 10 hrs from now.