Wts 56msp pilot 38b

Possitive wallet
Locate in high sec
Ready for transfer
38b start bid

39B offer

40 b b/o?

That works! 40 bil b/o accepted.

Send me isk and your account name via mail pls

Hi, I will be ready in 25 minutes and then I will send you the money and acc info :slight_smile:

Money and acc info sent :wink:

isk received. I am filling ticket for transfer

Awesome, thank you!

I let you know once I get an answer from them

Any news?

Have you received a transfer mail or anything? Because GM give me positive

Hello! Nope, I haven’t recieved anything

There is a 10 hour cooldown period which you will both have to wait through.

Still haven’t recieved anything. Looks like a scam, will write a support ticked to gm.

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