WTS 57m Nyx Pilot (+PI) - Full HG Ascendancy / Gallente Carrier 5 / Excellent Nav / Drone skills

It’s true, I am For sale.
57m sp with 133,149 unallocated sp
Born Jan 2011
Positive wallet balance - 31m
Located at Jita 4-5 CNAP
0 Kill rights
2 Jump Clones (pic below)


2 Nyx skins
Can make use of all 6 planet slots (CCU / IC V)
Full HG Asc set + 2 Blackmarket Hardwires + others
Jump Drive Operation , Jump Fuel Conservation, Jump Drive Calibration V
Capital Ships, Gallente Carrier, Fighter Hanger Management, Fighters, Heavy Fighters V


50bil offer

Daily bump

Could you update the skillQ access please? Potentially interested.

SkillQ.net - Hemera Chaos

Site seems to be having some issues.

Bump .


Skill q updated

Not the character you’re looking for…

Hey, so it’s still not showing up - this link is to your toon that you authenticated. You need to crate a share

Go here:

Then you can create a share, and go to the sheet from the link created on this page and post that one.
SkillQ is lowkey quite unclear in this.

I’m interested in the character, but please fix the skill link so a bid can be properly made


your skill link inaccessible

@Hemera_Chaos please update the original post with a working SkillQ link. Please test with incognito mode to ensure this link works. If this is not resolved in the next 24 hours, this thread will be closed.

All set. Should be good to go

55bill offer

56b offer

60bil offer immediate buy please do respond else will buy other charc in 12 hours

tell your b/o

63bil offer valid for 8hours