[WTS] 58M SP Ragnarok toon

Hi there,

I’m selling this near perfect Rag toon.

Lilith Nolan

Currently has HG Nirvana and Ascendancy pods in Perimeter, where the character is located.

The toon has a positive wallet balance.

Bids are starting at 50B, buyout is set at 65B.

50B Be able to trade immediately

You just bought for 35B so I offer 36B of the 50b falls through

It was bought for 35 with more than 20M SP less. But thanks for the free bump. :slight_smile:

Do you accept the offer for 50B?

I’ll keep the bid in mind, I’m gonna let it run for a few days.

Back to the top!

Back to the top! Buyout lowered to 70B

Daily bump

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Back to the top!

Back to the top!

55B for the toon.

I would accept 55bil if I were you. You won’t get more than that and that alone is a great offer.

Still for sale?