WTS: Exceptionally well Focused Ragnarok Character

As it says on the tin. Pretty much maxed out Rag character.

Link - Lwaxana Kin

97mil SP - (5.2m Unallocated)
NPC Corp.
Positive Wallet.
No Kill rights.
Located in Jita.
All CCP rules apply.

Starting bid - 75b

Reply in this thread only. Thanks.

Daily bump.

starting with 75bil

Thanks for your bid.

Daily bump.

Daily bump.

80big bills

Bumping this… Been away and not paying attention.

82B isk

This is the maximum cash amount I can offer

Thanks for the offer… Looking for closer to 95 to be honest.

Daily bump.

Bumpity bump bump

Make your best offer. Reserve lowered.


I don’t see a “reserve”.

Reserve was in my head mostly but also in this thread as a reply.

I’ll take 83b. I’ll be in game for the next 30 minutes or so.


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