[WTS] 58M SP Super/Carrier/Fax (SOLD)

Hey there.


PW: 5678

In NPC corp as per CCP rules.
Positive ISK balance.
-0.14 Security Status.
No killrights.
2 Bonus remaps.
Located in Jita IV - Moon 4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Current pod +5 all attributes
Another pod in U-HVIX III with +4 Per/Will and EO-603 SM-703 and EM-803

Highlight skills:
Amarr Carrier V, Caldari Carrier V, Capital Ships V, Fighters V, Light Fighters V, Heavy Fighters IV (40% trained to V), Support Fighters IV, JDC V
Armor skills mostly V’s
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration V

Starting bid: 53 Billion

Eveboard password please.

Edited, sorry forgot.

45 bil


46 bil

47 bil

47.5 bil


Thanks for the serious offer.

If there’s no more interest in next days will accept and close.


Valid before 10-29 8:00(UTC)

56 and it’s done now.

no problem.Just send isk and account info to Diosa Roja?

Yes. I will start the transfer when received.

ok.wait me some time.I will buy plex now and sell them asap in 24h.

Ok, no problem.

isk and account info sent

Transfer will be done by CCP. Thanks Kernel.

Receive the character.Thanks