WTS 59.6m SP drone/missile pilot - Golem - Nidhoggur - Archon - Logi 5 - T2 Triage - Fighters [SOLD]

Hi, I am forsale

Positive wallet
No kill rights
in high-sec

can fly Golem, Nidhoggur and many other ships

Bid start at 45b


35bil buy out offer. Isk in hand

36 bill

37 b.

38 bill


Minimum 45b, it can fly Phoniex fairly fast too

39 bill

Can you inform us about the date of the next remap?

2024.01.11 is next remap

Confirmed 40b b/o

Waiting for isk and char name

@Lydia_Vale isk and account info sent


I see the char inbound to my account. Thanks for a smooth transfer. =)

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