WTS 59 Gecko

(Celebrin Shoaf) #1

I have a stack of 59 Geckos I would like to sell all at once for 5B.

You can contact me here or ingame if interested

(Legit Salesgirl) #2

You can buy 59 Geckos for 5,4b in Jita atm. Just Saying

(Celebrin Shoaf) #3

but can you buy them for 5 :slight_smile:

(Legit Salesgirl) #4

You dirty boy changed the number from 6b to 5b… I SAW THAT!

(Celebrin Shoaf) #5

that may or may not have happened

(Legit Salesgirl) #6

ok. uhm ahh I just saw u can buy 59 geckos for 4b in Amarr…!!!

(Celebrin Shoaf) #7

you made me look

(Legit Salesgirl) #8

I always do boy :wink:

(Celebrin Shoaf) #9

you can definitely buy 59 in a personal contract for 5B, I’ll even throw in some carbon and anti-biotics for free

(Sepheir Sepheron) #10

Hm this is suspicious. Like the guy knows some gecko event is gonna be close by…

(The Durantis) #11

Contract to me for 4.4b

(Celebrin Shoaf) #12

Nah, I just went and cleaned up all of my assets and realized I had claimed a lot of geckos in a lot of hangers. I won’t use them, because they are too spendy.

(Celebrin Shoaf) #13

why 4.4B? 5 is a pretty good deal especially when I could get 5.1b on buy orders

(The Durantis) #14

Because we are friends

(Celebrin Shoaf) #15

I need better friends

(The Durantis) #16

Probably do

(system) #17

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