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Guardian IGC SKIN (Permanent)
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Contract up in Jita


is that 5.5b firm? Jita buy and sell is 2.15 and 4.91. Interested but not at that price

https://evepraisal.com/a/lhra1 asking is over inflated Jita Sell price. My offer is 3b.

you really think i care about your offer?
dont spam my thread if you dont want to buy


offer withdrawn gl

rude seller would have bought it but just rude… not interessted in deals with that

its so funny really … this thread keeps me loughing

i am not rude … sorry if it felt like that but i am not interessted in offers or such stuff … buy it or dont buy it … no comments, no offers, no other stuff … its not needed … its a sell offer … i want to sell for 5.5bill … if you dont want to pay the price just go to the next offer …

thats usually how this works:
you see something you like … you see the price … you cant pay … ithanks for looking go ahead …

@CCP_Falcon can you delete all this not needed posts please?


could buy 50 of this but you are just ignorant…

hey whats wrong with you guys

contract is up in Jita … accept if you want to buy … leave me alone if you dont have the money

i dont see where the problem is …


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