WTS 5M+1M SP PVP Starter Characters

I have about 10 characters for sale, 5M SP + 1M unallocated SP,
Prepared when I first moved to Serenity from tranquitity, thinking those badass in my coorp might want to join me later, so I shall prepare some additional accounts for them so hopefully whey they arrive they shall smoothly use T2 catalysts, talwars, thrashers, osprey, caracal, navy osprey, tempests, cyclones and tons of other options for PVP; use rapid heavy missile Praxis to gain isk (14-20M / 20min) in forsaken rally points in null sec, plus 1 M of extra SP for their additional personal preferences. But those bastards never come, nor did they use any of these accounts.
detailed skillboard FYI: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mango_010

Located in Kisgoro
Positive Wallet
No Combat History or kill rights
No Jump Fatigue
Currently Mapped to Perception/Willpower

5b per character

If you are interested, why not shoot an email to Mango 004 in game? I rarely login to forum but I keep logining in to game on a daily basis.

The character for sale must be the one to open the sales thread. You may relist the character for sale once all Character Bazaar rules are met. Thank you.