WTS 5M skill points ALL magic 14 trained

Looking to sell this character with magic 14 trained
189,745 unallocated SP and 3 remaps ready, currently in Jita 4-4
-Positive Wallet
-No kill rights
-NPC corp
-No jump clones

This characer was used for entry level incursion running, looking to sell it as a ready to go pvp/pve toon

BO: 3.5B

Deleted the link then forgot to add it again

5m SP only? Offer 1.8b

Not looking to sell this toon as a incursion runner given the basic skill but more of a ready to go for pvp/pve

Yep, so I have offer ready to go at 1.8b

When was the character created?

Character was created on 2018/09/07 and to this day it has never been in omega state, reason why sp are limited to 5mil

Offering 2b

Daily Bumb current price is 2b

may i see the skillboard link m8? wanna bid but want to see skills properly first if possible pls (if i see the skills, ill pretty much buy it right away

My 2b bid will be retracted in 1 day, or when another seller accepts my offer. I will reply again when I retract my bid.

My bad i deleted it by mistake from post and forgot to add it again

Hi, 2.5b b/o

Sounds good to me

looks like we settled on a price.

Daily bump

Second Daily bump

Offering 2.7b

Edit : Offer Retracted

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