WTS 5m SP Farm, PI & more

Boss is working on the final round of layoffs…


Skills of note
Cybernetics V
Command Center Upgrades V
Interplanetary Consolidation IV
Gallente Industrial V (max Epithal)
Transport Ships IV (Viator, Occator)
Cloaking IV (Covert cloak for the Viator)
Scanning skills 4/2/2/2 for all T1 modules
Cyno IV

One bonus remap available
Annual remap available on October 6

The required details
NPC Corp
Zero wallet balance
No kill rights
No jump clones
Located in Jita

This is a PLEX transfer

5.5B or best offer.

I will give you 5b

Accepted. Send ISK and account details.

isk has been sent and mail with account info.

Receipt confirmed. Transfer ticket has been opened.


Thank you!

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