WTS 5m SP Farm

Selling myself for 5.5 bil. Min bid 5b.


Exactly 5m SP (250k unallocated)
Cybernetics 5
All +5 implants
Yearly remap available and 2 bonus remaps available (Currently Per/Int)
No kill rights
Located in Jita IV-4, and there is one jump clone without any implants in Frarn.
0.0 sec status

Perfect for SP farming. Biology level 0, but if you need biology for cerebral accelerators, 250k is unallocated so you only have to train 6k SP further. Will be transferred via PLEX.

ill give you 4.5b

the 250k unallocated sp is part of the total 4.75m sp, so effectively there are only 4.5m sp trained.

No, the 250k is part of 5m. 4.75m is trained.

In EVE itself, the unallocated SP is part of the total.
Proof of that is that if you apply the unallocated SP, your total SP does not change.
So if you have a 5m sp char, and use an injector, the total will jump to 5.4m (5m trained + 400k unallocated)

If unallocated SP was not part of the total, then you would be able to use injectors to full yield past 5m sp, so long as you didn’t apply the new SP, which is not possible

I am aware of that, and excluding unallocated SP 4.75m is trained. If I give you my proof that I have 5m SP in total, will you buy me?

Not at 6b, no
Most i’d give for any char under 5.5m sp is 4.5b, which has already been bid above

Then why are you here assuming I don’t know such a basic thing without a single proper reason to believe so? How long have you been playing Eve?

since this morning I believe :slight_smile:
just feeling argumentative I guess

I’ll offer 4.6B

:b: ump

5b buyout offer.

Accepted; send me isk. Thanks.

Just woke up and saw this. I’ll send you ISK shortly.

No problem. Take your time, I’m not in a hurry.

ISK and evemail sent.

ISK confirmed and petition opened. Thank you!

Character received. Merry Christmas!

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