WTS - 5m SP Alliance Creator/SP Farm

(Wayne Askiras) #1

Like the title says,

5m SP and Willpower/Perception +5 implants for top skill point production (Clone is in Jita 4-4).
Corp Management Skills Trained out to create alliances.


4b isk takes him.

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #2


(Wayne Askiras) #3

4b or I’ll just keep him and farm the SP my self.

(Wayne Askiras) #4

Looking for a new master.

(Wayne Askiras) #5

Still looking for offers.

(Agent Cody) #6

4b but I will take him in 2-3 days, so reserve for me unless someone wants to buy it straight away ?

(Wayne Askiras) #7

Ok sounds good.

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #8

4.1bill ill need 1 to 2 days but ill out bid anyone

(Wayne Askiras) #9

Ok Mr Pappotte is the high bid.

(Wayne Askiras) #10

Still taking offers. 4.1b is currently the bid to beat.

(Wayne Askiras) #11

Still available.

(Wayne Askiras) #12

Just a guy making alliances.

(Wayne Askiras) #13

2 more days. Make me an offer.

(Wayne Askiras) #14

Hello. Is it you im looking for?