Wts 5mill sp


2012 so some age but clean corp history

5mill sp of which 135k is unallocated
1 yearly and 2 bonus remaps
Heading towards gallente with skills

No kill rights
In high sec
Positive wallet
I pay by card
All rules apply

3.5bill start bid

4.5 billion buyout

Can do 4 5bill yes contact me here when your ready.

I just so happen to check the forums after waking up, haha. I forgot that I posted to a thread. Can transfer isk and send info whenever you are ready

Lol that’s ok i’m at work so I cant start the transfer until 5 hours from this post. If you wanna wait till then or send it now it’s up to you I will pay by card so transfer would be quicker than plex.

I’ll be around the house today so no biggie on waiting the 5 hours! Shoot me a reply on here or through evemail and I’ll do the deed

I’m online now if you still want to continue.

Yup, about to log online

Sent you a chat invite in game

isk and info sent from my accountant

Have isk and account info and transfer has been started by card. Should have email confirmation and by with you in 10 hours. Thank you.

10/10 would reccomend Coastel’s service

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