[WTS] 6.1M SP Exhumer Alt!

I’m located in Amarr.
Have a .2+ Security Status
I’m an exhumer pilot and I go pew pew.
0.00 Isk Balance
I also have t2 Transports.
Currently working on Exhumer 5!

Check me out! - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Matar_Dee_Roden

B/O - 5B ISK

3.5 bil isk ready

3.6 bil isk ready

4 bil isk ready

Do you have any kind of timeframe in which your wanting to sell this toon? I need to get a toon preferably by the end of the weekend…

I was talking to someone in-game about a 4.5B offer. Waiting…The current offer accepted, currently.

yes 4.5 bil offer isk and account info sent.

Please next time if your doing this, communicate the fact as you could have gotten a counter offer at a higher price. It’s just courtesy to others that are waiting. Thanks.


04 Aug 2020 22:25

EVE Character transfer

Isk Received, Character XFR’d to account linked.

As for the extra info about counter offering, you low balled and he countered your offer. So in the future, try to come closer to the B/O and you might have gotten the character. Since we’re offering ideas.

email received

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