WTS 6.2m Jump Navigation Starter


  • 1 bonus remap available
  • positive sec
  • positive wallet

+5 mem/intel training implants (attributes specc’d for intel/mem)

Cyber V
250k unallocated

Decent start on laboratory skills as well.

Located in Perimeter

Plex transfer will be used

Start: 5b
B/O: probably ~7b

5.5bil bid

I’ll meet your 7B b/o, good to go now

snif, was a good char =) (previous owner here)

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Ill be home in like 4 hours. Send isk and account name to Romullis at your leisure

ISK transferred and account details sent.

Pleasure doing business

both received, ticket submitted http://prntscr.com/ke40w0

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