WTS 6,6 mil perfect little starter

Positive sec status
Positive wallet
All ccp rules apply
I will pay transfer

EveBoard - http://eveboard.com/pilot/Goofy_Goose

Start 3 bil
BO - Make a reasonable offer.

3.3 b offered

3.5 b

3.6 b

3.9b offered

4.2 b offered

4.4b offered

4.5b offered :slight_smile:

4.6b offered

4.7b offered

I’ll be home in an hour, if there are no higher bids I will accept this offer


accepted, send isk and name to where the transfer should go and I’ll get it started.
Will accept any offer of the same or more that contacts me first.

isk and account name sent

Transfer started. Also noticed he had 50k guristas LP, enough to get a gila BPC if you up to a null run.

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