WTS 6.1M SP VNI ALT/ Starter Char / SP Farm

Also a very good Starter Char. Decent name.
Can fly INTY & LOGI frigs.
Cyber V with full +5 Implant set training clone.
Most combat skillbooks of all races (including precursor race) already injected.


2 bonus remaps.
No jumpclones or kill rights.
Positive wallet & security status.
Located in Jita 4-4.
All CCP rules apply and I’ll pay transfer fee.

Start Bid 4 Bil

Lowered Start bid and changed the title

I’ll bid 4.0 bil

bidding 4.1 bil

Thanks for the bids guys. Bumpy

i’ll go 4.5B b/o

I’ll bid 4.7 bil

I’ll bump it to 5B

I’ll bid 5.1 bil

I’ll bump to 5.5b if you’re still open for bids

Yes I’m still open and I accept your bid. Toss the isk and account info and ill initiate the transfer.

ISK transferred - about to send you mail with account info for transfer

Mail sent with account details :smile:

Character Transfer Initiated. You should see him on your account in about 10 hours.

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