WTS 6.3m SP Alpha-Capable Nightmare Incursion Toon


Not quite positive sec status but can access all hi-sec systems. (-1.90)
Has a ~900m nightmare incursion pod
Currently in Jita 4-4

(Edit: Available for sale now!) Won’t be able to sell untill the 20th of September unless I can get enough funds in place beforehand in which case I’ll immediately update this post and notify a suitable buyer if I’m happy with the price.

B/O 7b

Bump :slight_smile:

Bump :smiley:

Bump, anyone wanna start off with a bid? :slight_smile:

Bump, Still for sale :smiley:

And another one

5B B/O

Noted as a bid but looking for more ideally :slight_smile:

5.5B tonight only

I can’t sell till the 20th anyway lol

Ok I’ll give you 5.5B on 20th, IF you agree I’ll send isk over now

I’m still looking for more ideally :confused:

Well Offer is there shout me in Game if you do


Bump, looking to sell tomorrow (will most likely be available to sell in the 00-03:00 hours eve time.

Ready to sell as of now! Will accept a B/O of 6bn and can start transfer within the hour!

Any final offers? Current top bid is 5.5bn from stuu reborn!

I accept your offer of 5.5bn isk. Awaiting isk and acc name

Isk and Account name Sent in Eve mail

Isk and acc name recieved, starting transfer! Ty very much :slight_smile: