WTS Incursion, Kronos pilot 49.5 mil SP (SOLD)

WTS - EveSkillboard - Cracked Pixel

Start bid 30 bil ISK
Offer for buy out

Everything is in High sec! Toon has positive SS and a wallet! No-kill right!

Respect all CCP rules…

Topic Hidden intill Confirmed for sale by the Character being sold.

Please flag this response once the above requirements have been met for unlocking under " Something Else"


How to confirm that is still for sale? Can you please advise, thanks!

Post is now available again.

Happy bidding!

ISD Bahamut

Still for SALE, waiting for the offers - Great Incursion toon!

I offer 28bil buyout

Can you do 30?

yeah i’ll do 30

31b bo

IF you’re not gonna accept my original one I will up him by 500mil, 31.5bil bo

32b b/o

33 bil

Send ISK and account info please, SOLD!

The account is incorrect… Can you check and resend, please.

yes I can one second

send eve mail to your main with info

Done! Screenshot by Lightshot

Thank you and enjoy…

bless your soul ty.