WTS 6,3m sp decent starter

(Star Burstie) #1

Thats right, this toon is for sale!


Decent starter toon, taking offers

(necocat Meow) #2

4.5bill ready now

(DRBringer) #3

what is your buy out?

(Star Burstie) #4

I dont really have one but the going prices for toons in this range is what? 5-6b or so, just want to sell it :slight_smile:

(Garsk Arran) #5

4.8 b/o

(Star Burstie) #6

ill take 5,3bill and its done :slight_smile:

(DRBringer) #7

if you do not sell i might take it

(Star Burstie) #8

Shoot me another offer DRBringer

(Narha Cesaille) #9

B/o at 5.25 bill

(Star Burstie) #10

Narha CeSaille thats close enough, B/O accepted, send isk and info to me and ill start the transfer :slight_smile:

(Narha Cesaille) #11

isk sent and account info sent

(Star Burstie) #12

Target user has too many characters

Looks like I either need another account or you need to delete one :slight_smile:

(Narha Cesaille) #13

deleteing in 8 hrs

(Narha Cesaille) #14

ready to recieve

(Star Burstie) #15

Transfer startet! enjoy

(Narha Cesaille) #16

ty for it

(system) #17

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