WTS 6.4m SP Hulk and Charon pilot

Hulk and Charon pilot


located in Amarr at time of sale and no kill rights.

I will pay the transfer fee.

BO 13 billion.

start bid?

Bid Starting at 13 billion.

People can fully inject brand new character for 9b here with same sp. You need to calculate again)

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Looks like troll 120 LVL :laughing:

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Nothing funny, this is market
I do not force you to buy
Want to buy, tell me the price and then it will be funny to me :joy_cat:

the market does not agree with you the value is 1 billion per 1 million SP you can include value of implants and skins which you appear to have none of. your value is at best 6.4 billion but more likely 5.5-6 bill.

good luck finding a sucker :wink:

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