WTS 6 5mil SP Skill Farm Characters

All characters have +5 implants for their current maxed attributes
These will be PLEX transfers

-in Jita
-NPC corp
-Positive Wallet
-5 chars have Sec Status 0.0
-1 char had -9 sec status

Buyout is 4.8bil each, except for Jekk

Jekk has 2.4bil worth of scanning implants and could be turned into a scanning character again. Buyout is 6bil for him.

Other offers are fine, will sell to highest over 4.3b on Saturday if buyouts aren’t met


4b for stixxed

Offer 4b for Staxea

Still looking for more buyers.

Can also discuss a bulk discount as well if anyone is interested in purchasing all of them.

New offer for stixxed 4.2b ready now (convo me in game if needed)

can we procceed please ?

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