WTS 61.8m SP Miner/Hauler/Drone pilot


9.1mil in drones
Gallente Freighter 5
Capital Industrial 5
3 races, Frigate 5, Destroyer 5.
Gallente Battlecruiser 5
Exhumers 5
Ore Industrial 5
Covert ops 5
Assault Frig 5
Advanced Industry 5
5mil in reprocessing, was almost perfect before re-work
5mil in scanning(near perfect) I ran a lot of data sites with him.

Level 4 Gallente Navy agent located in Dodixie

Located in Jita 4-4
1,182,423 unallocated skill points
Jump clone in PF-QHK. NPC 0.0

TribalOre’z 30B

I was hoping for 40, you have a deal at 35.

Continuing the discussion from WTS 61.8m SP Miner/Hauler/Drone pilot: forgot to tag you in my reply.


32 bil

I can do 31.

all right, he’s all yours

TribalOre’z ISK and account info sent.

Ok, I’ve never done this before, I may need some directions on what to do.

Confirmed isk received

SOLD, transfer initiated.