WTS 61M SP Fighter

hi sec
pos wallet
start 40b
b/o 55b

I don’t have condition to pay $ transfer. Could’t find a way to roll this up with Plex. Is it still possible?

33B offer

If your saying you can’t pay the transfer in irl money you can’t sell it since you have to do it in that now Plex isn’t an option

As grimax stated above, plex sells are no longer available, there should have been a pinned post for you to see that. You are now only able to pay with IRL money.

Thank you all for replying. I will put this sell on hold until I gather the money (in my country 20$ costs a lot of local money lol).

Very understandable. According to the minimum wage in our country, $20 is equivalent to two days salary for the average person

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