WTS 61M SP NYX +Force Auxiliaries

Nyx has been already completed.

Still learning Force Auxiliaries

Selling my character:


Starting Bid -55B

Buyout - 70

50 bil

Boy I can extract 110 large Large Skill Injector .One Large Skill Injector is 950M.One Skill Extractor is 470m. So 110 large Large Skill Injector can sell 55 billion. I think your price is too low.

56 bil

Thank you for your price. I recorded it. But I want to wait a moment for Higher price.

57 bil

Bump :laughing:

Still Bidding price

Aren’t you bumping your threads a little too often?

57B 。I will accept your offer.Please send Emaii and ISk to the charactor . I will transfer…

Continue to waitting price

are you still for sale ?

58 billion ISK right here


yes I`m still for sale.

59B OK? If you can accep the price. Please send ISK and Email to me . I will transef to you.

59B here

OK,Can you send ISK and Email to me now? If you can I will transefer the charactor to you.

Sure, come chat in-game