WTS 63.6m SP Zirn/Trig Pilot + Perfect Probing Skills


The Basics
-Positive Wallet: 10,000 ISK
-Positive Security Status
-No Kill Rights
-Full Set of MG Asklepian + Armor/Gunnery Implants, docked in Jita 4-4 Cal Navy Plant
-Relatively Fresh Killboard
-Owns all 3 Triglavian Victory Skins (Damavik, Vedmak, Leshak, ≈30b Current Jita Sell)

Notable Skills/Mastery
-Mastery V for Damavik, Vedmak, Drekavac, Leshak
-Mastery IV for Zirnitra
-All Probing Skills to 5
-All Precursor Weapon Skills to 5
-All Precursor Ship Skills to 5, including HACs for Ikitursa
-All Core Gunnery Skills to 5
-All Core Armor Skills to 5

Starting at 40b

Thank you for your consideration and good luck!

50B isk

55B offer

58B offer


63B offer

Current Bid Leader is Z7Dage, if their offer is the highest after 20 more hours, they will claim the auction.

64 bil offer.

65B offer

66 bil offer


68 bil offer

This is my final offer, 70B

Soritie Lien Tadaruwa is now highest bidder. If no higher bids are made within 16 hours, they will win the auction.

71 bill offer.

Bismuth Aldent is the current highest bid with 71 billion.
They will win the auction in 8 more hours if no higher bids are posted.

In respect of all bidders, any subsequent higher bids will be only extend the auction for one hour after posting. This means that after an hour, if no higher bids are posted, the auction will end and the highest posted bid will win.

Winner is Bismuth Aldent!

Please reach out via in-game mail with account info and we’ll get things taken care of.

Isk and account information sent. Thank you.

Isk has been received as agreed. Account info was submitted and character transfer has been initiated. Thank you for your purchase and enjoy Jormund Gandr!

Character received. Thank you.