WTS 65 million SP pilot

(Lont Kruidvat) #1

This character was skilled for running incursions (vindicator) later on Amarr / caldari carrier skils both lvl 5 skil.
in a non player corporation since march 2016.
no kill rights, high sec station, positive wallet,

50B b/o 42Billion start

key id 6673660
verif code yax9XqEi4LlNiDYtHAxlEzWUIsunXRQRkxN2pg9D0mV85g0S6Qr2SZejZFPjUn7C

(Maizie Fields) #2

50 Billion

(Lont Kruidvat) #3

bid accepted

(Maizie Fields) #4

ISK and account info sent. Thanks!

(Lont Kruidvat) #5

ISk received , Character Transfer Initiated

(system) #6

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