WTS 66.8 M SP Pilot


WTS Alt Character

yearly remap +1
Bonus Remaps +2

All Clones are in Empire space.

Lv. 4 Caldari Navy Agents.

High-grade Slave clone with medium blaster related hard-wires.
High-grade Crystal clone with Heavy missile related hard-wires.
2 clones with +4 Standard implants and some hard-wires.

No Kill rights.
Positive Wallet.

30 Ship skins.

Positive Sec Standings

Please take a look at character sheet on ships this character can fly.

Need to sale. Please make offers.

50 bill

Sold, Send isk and ill start the transfer

Starting the xfer process now

ISK and account information sent.


05 Feb 2019 17:42

EVE Character transfer “Denter”

Payment Method

Card ending ####

Auction closed. Enjoy…

EVE Character transfer




Email confirmation received. Thank you for a quick and smooth transaction !

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