WTS 67Million SP Pilot

Hi guys selling this pilot it can fly many ships check it out and make an offert please.

Looking to get over 40billion if possible i will consider all offerts over 40b


40b bid

Bid notice this post will close in 24 hours if no higher offerts are done you will win the bid

can I convo you in game

U can pm me here in the forum’s ifu want

not sure how to pm was just wandering what price youd consider for a fast trade

Not looking to fast sale i want to get as much a i can i will close the auction in 24 hours i am also selling angel caido what’s the best offert you can give me for both ?

not sure if I have enough liquid to by both in the same hour but could do about 75 for both

80 billion for both you can get over 90 billion on sp extractors you get a nice 10b profit

i can do that give me 2 mins

45b B/O

45 bil b/o offer for this charecter

I offer 45B first

bruh you just watched us make a deal on 2 charecters and tried to over bid it

bro i pm you in game

Another sale? I can also buy them together

okay dude ill convo now this acc right

Has it been sold?

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