24 HOURS TO GO ! WTS 35millsp Carrier / Super Carrier pilot ( auction - ends 14th august )

hiya im looking to sell myself for as much as posible as i have to many accounts and i wanna shrink them down to about 1 or two

i am for sale

can use carrier and Hel
can use t2 Light fighters
Can use t2 heavys
has jump cal 5
plus lots of support skills

im going to start this auction at 20bill with no buyout unless the buyout is decent … this will run untill my birthday which is the 14th of august

happy bidding

oh also if u wish to get hold of me quicker . contact me on my main whom is Kiloalpha

20 bil

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ty for your bid sir

24 bil

Ty for your bid

25 bil

26 bil

26.5 bil

27 bil

Ty for all the bids so far

28 bil I want to buy the charactor in 24 hours.if you realy want to saile. please contact me.

29 bil

haha It your`s

I want to buy it in one day.

32 bil

tyvm for your bids lads i apreciate it

Bumping to the top before bed

Current bid is at 32 bill and this will sell for that

it is ready to transfer ISK for your character

yep . if there are no more bids . then come online and convo me so we can get this sale started