24 HOURS TO GO ! WTS 35millsp Carrier / Super Carrier pilot ( auction - ends 14th august )

accept convo

32.5bil B/O

33 bil

33.5b bil

Ty for your bids

34 bil

Thank you again for your bids

Just to confirm also that this character will be in an box Corp the day before auction ends … has positive wallet and positive sec status

less than 48 hours to go . hishest bid sofar is mr kover power at 34bill

I am willing to go out 35B

are u online now mate?

highest bid is now 35b . this will sell for that . less than 24 hours to end of auction

Yes, I can pay now

convo me in game real quick

36 bil

If you can, tell me your ID, I will pay you


37 bil

ok so i am in game convo with shishiba and he has offered a 36.5b buyout

because i cannot get hold of u kover im in mind to acept it

38 bill

contact me ingame