WTS 68.7 M SP universal toon: Golem, Tengu, Legion, Hulk Pilot


  • No killrights
  • Positive wallet
  • Remaps Available
  • Located in jita 4-4
  • Stating Price 60b

All character bazaar rules apply and I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.

I pay the transfer fees.

60 bil

Maizie Fields bid is accepted. Pls transfer isk and msg me account info.

Initiated in game

Thanks for the in game replies. The ISK and account information has been sent.

We are in the process of editing the transfer. Until the process is completed, the character to be transferred will remain in your account but will not be playable during that time.

Character name: Leopold Disco

Will be finished in: 04.03.2019 07:06:08

Transfer confirmed by CCP. Thanks, Leo!!

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