WTS 3600W SP Golem & Tengu & Loki pilot

36m skillpoints:

  • can use 1 bonus remap
  • There are a lot of missile skills
  • can use 1 bonus remap
  • owns 43 injected skins (worth about 1b ISK)
  • has some injected but not trained skills
  • is located in Jita
  • has a positve wallet, no kill rights
  • gained some good npc standings

All CCP rules apply.

Starting bid: 24b ISK
Buyout: 28b ISK

24 bill isk ready

Waiting for higher bids until 15:00 September 26

26 b isk ready

Accept Yuka Hashimoto’s offer,Please send ISK and account information

isk&account sent plz transfer

  • Received ISK, ready to start

Character transfer aborted, ISK has been returned

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