WTS Loki/Tengu/Proteus pilot, 42.4kk SP + 0.5kk unallocated

Lowbidders can ignore the thread, I won’t sell at extraction value.

  • Date of Birth 2017-02-18
  • Skill Points 42,432,239
  • Unallocated SP 525,000
  • Positive wallet Balance
  • No kill rights
  • One jump clone for skill training with implants, check the clone tab on EVE Skills
  • Located in High Sec, might place in any station there before transferring


Starting BID: 40B
Buyout: 50B


Bid ignored. Did you even read the topic?

Lowbidders can ignore the thread, I won’t sell at extraction value.

I would urge you to get a reality check and have a look at injector and extractor prices.

29.5Bil offer

If you don’t like the bid, take it as a free bump and don’t spam your thread

Well, I can use sheets and already did that before putting up the sale.

If I extract SP myself and sell at Perimeter prices, considering all the taxes, I would get 32.5B. Then if I decide to wait a bit, there’s room to buy PLEX cheaper off regions then buy extractors at a discount at PLEX store in bulk. Also, there are many places to sell injectors for a bit more, again, if you can wait.

So I can get 35B myself, and even more - I’ll remain with 5kk SP char.

Thanks for the free bump, but I’m not your client for getting a char cheaply. :slight_smile:


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