WTS 26M SP Loki Pilot (2013)

All skills I have are trained to 5, I was born in 2013. I have a good name, empty corporation history, and will make an excellent addition to your team.

My skills are found here. 323,500 SP unallocated.

  • Positive wallet
  • In Jita, In station
  • No kill rights
  • Current clone has +5’s, no jump clones

28 billion buy-out to the first that comes up with the cash.

Update: Trained Warp Drive Operation from 0 to 5 to push me over 26M SP.

18 B bid.


23b :slight_smile:

Thanks for the bid! Sadly, I’m looking for the buy-out specifically. I promise she’s a team player and looking forward to finding a new boss to work for.

No sale, closing.