[CLOSED] [WTS/WTA] Xepa (29m skillpoints)

29m skillpoints

EveSkillboard -> Xepa

PW: 2143


  • has 3 good jumpclones (2 x Jita, 1 x Amarr)

  • can use 1 bonus remap

  • can fly several pvp ships, for 0 sec fights for instance (Tengu, Legion, Jackdaw, Golem, Curse, Rook, Pilgrim, Falcon, Flycatcher, Nemesis, Ares, Taranis, Leshak, Drekavac, Vedmark, Damavik, Kikimora, many more T1 ships…)

  • owns 43 injected skins (worth about 1b ISK - Evepraisal link on request)

  • has several injected but not trained skills

  • is located in Amarr

  • has a positve wallet, no kill rights

  • gained some good npc standings

  • has 1 really bad standing against Minmatar Republic

Starting bid: 14b ISK
Reserve hidden, will be revealed when met.
Buyout: 18b ISK

Auction ends January 10, 2021, 20:00 Eve time or when buyout is met.

All CCP rules apply.

Background: I bought Xepa a while ago to give him a second chance and boosted him up, gave him back his lost skillpoints :wink:


14b offer

Thx for the starting bid :slight_smile:

Auction/sale still ongoing!

Still open for bids …

… still accepting offers :slight_smile:

Auction extended until January 10, 20:00 Eve time.
Buyout-price reduced -> 18b now.
Still open for offers.

Still open and running …
Bids please :slight_smile:

Last call for bids ^^


15b offer

The auction will close in about 2 hours. The reserve is not met yet.

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