[CLOSED] [WTS/WTA] Xepa (35m skillpoints)

35m skillpoints

EveSkillboard → Xepa

PW: 2143


  • has 3 good jumpclones (2 x Jita, 1 x Amarr)
  • can use 1 bonus remap
  • can fly several pvp ships, for 0-sec fights (Tengu, Legion, Jackdaw, Golem, Cerberus, Eagle, Zealot, Curse, Rook, Pilgrim, Falcon, Onyx, Devoter, Flycatcher, Nemesis, Ares, Taranis, Leshak, Drekavac, Vedmark, Damavik, Kikimora, Occator, Viator, many more T1 ships…)
  • owns 43 injected skins (worth about 1b ISK)
  • has some injected but not trained skills
  • is located in Jita
  • has a positve wallet, no kill rights
  • gained some good npc standings
  • has 1 really bad standing against Minmatar Republic

Starting bid: 16b ISK
Reserve hidden, will be revealed when met.
Buyout: 22b ISK

Auction ends April 6, 2021, 20:00 Eve time or when buyout is met.

All CCP rules apply.

Background: I bought Xepa a while ago to give him a second chance and boosted him up, gave him back his lost skillpoints :wink:

I can offer 19b

Unable to view your skills

Password is

I just checked it, it works :slight_smile:

I like the name of your character, but the skills are not the right fit for me, unfortunately

I can buy it out at the highest price, but I don’t have time to log in the game today, would you like to wait?

Yes, Mei’cai, no problem. I can wait.

OK, I’ll probably need about 24 hours

Ok, Mei’cai, please post your specific buyout offer here, when you are ready.

If this sale dosent happen I’ll happily bid 21b for this character.

Thx for the offer. We will see, Shub.
Reserve is met now.


Thx Gabriel.
Mei’cai is already bidding 22b, so we have to wait until tomorrow,
or you have to raise your bid slightly :slight_smile:


I don’t know about your choice, but I need to log in this afternoon because we’re in different time zones,If you’re going to sell it to me, I’d appreciate it

Mei’cai got the buyout as mentioned above and he is willing to buy me.

Mei’cai please send 22b ISK and the account info to me please.

Transfer will be startet then.

OK, I am at school now, I will send ISK and account information when I get home in the afternoon

I am Mei 'Cai. I will use this account to send ISK and account information to you this afternoon

Yes, Viper Mei will send you ISK and account information

Hello, are you there? I can transfer ISK to you now, 22B