WTS 6M SP Character (2M Unallocated)

Meow Ze’Dong aka “Chairman Meow” is a 2015 pilot up for sale. He has 6 million SP total, 2 million of which is unallocated.

A link to his skills is available here.

Here is some additional information about our Comrade and Dear Leader:
• NPC corp
• no kill rights
• positive isk wallet
• located in Jita
• 2 bonus remaps
• Several +3 implants

Let’s start the offers at or above 3 billion isk.

Link dont work sir.

Topic reopened.

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3.5 Bil offer


Bump. Considering the offer at 3.75 but really looking to get at least 4.

4 bil

4.5b offer

I accept your 4.5b offer. I will start the transfer once the isk is received.

Isk and account info sent

Ah crap :smiley: would have gone slighty higher for the name.

Isk received. Transfer initiated.