WTS 5M SP with 740 000 unallocated SP

Selling this char Kill0p

Docked at Jita 4-4 and has:

  1. Possitive wallet balance
  2. No killrights
  3. No jump clones
  4. In NPC corporation

Start bid: 4B
B/O: 5B

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Thank you for you bid, will wait a little bit more

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daily bump

4.5 bil?

Sold, will send character after isk transfer.

You mean accept offer for 4.5 bil or char already sold ?


stampedebro Was first and is closer to buy out.

Sold to stampedebro for 4,7 bill
Will send character after isk transfer. Thank you

SpaceOracle if stampedebro withdraw I will accept your offer.

dont know if you are still interested, so i guess char is still for sale

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I’ll buy for 4.5 bil if still available

It is still available BlackDeath-X
and for sale, I accept 4,5bil. Send isk and name where to transfer char.

at work, will be doing when back from work, in 2-3 h

Will be buying with my alt account, alt: Sonulya
he will be transfering funds in a few minutes

me, sending isk now