WTS 6m SP Exhumer V Character

I am selling myself Artemis Swift

Exhumer V 6m SP Pilot perfect as a mining alt.

Wallet Balance - 2,657,551 ISK
no kill rights
no jump clones
Character is located in Highsec (Domain)

Starting bid - 3b
Ending. 1200ET 28/11/2020
B/O - Offer

3 billion offer

3.1 billion

4 billion

Toon isn’t in an npc corp. Also, i bid 4.5 bil.

5 billion

5.25 bil

Character is now in NPC Corp

can you post the information in Section C of the rules please Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Sorry I have corrected the post, Thank you


Still taking bids/offers

If the other bids are not active anymore, I’ll bid 3 bil. If they are active take this as a free bump !

6 Bill you interested?

Auction ends on Saturday AM highest bid/offer will be accepted at that point.

3.3B offer

highest offer is 6b mate and bidding is up to 5.25b but thanks for the bump :slight_smile:

Offer retracted. Found another char.

I will accept 6bil for the toon

My offer of 3.5B still stands :slight_smile: