WTS 6M SP Skill Farmer cyno / capital builder / JF starter

(Akira Ohaya) #1


Located in High Sec (Jita)
Positive Wallet
Neutral Sec Status
No Kill Rights
No Jump clones afaik
+5 Implants
2 Remaps

4.7b b/o

(Niska Talvanen) #2

3.5 bil

(Voa) #3

3.7 bil

(Amarr Clone 049845656328) #4

4.2 bil, if interested

(XShadow4X Coors) #5

I offer the buyout price 4.7b

(woogie womp) #6

5Bill Isk and account ready.

(Akira Ohaya) #7

Accepted in-game offer 5.25b from woogie womp

(woogie womp) #8

Isk and account name sent

(woogie womp) #9

Bid Withdrawn

(system) #11

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