WTS - 6M SP Starter

(Kai Aeterna) #1


In need of a good home. Clean name with a good looking avatar.

Remaps: 2
KR: 0

Start: 3.5B
BO: 6B

(Hariere Abre-Kai) #2

I’ll start you off for 3.5B

(Queen Oramara) #3

4 bill offer

(Hariere Abre-Kai) #4

4.5B isk ready now

(EvilBob IV) #5

5b ready

(Kai Aeterna) #6

Thank you for the bids so far.

(RocketRune) #7

5.2b isk ready now

(TheBank Manager) #8

5,5 i’m ingame isk ready

(Kai Aeterna) #9

5.5B accepted. Please transfer funds with account name.

(TheBank Manager) #10

Isk and info send

(system) #11

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