SELLING - 6M Starter

In need of a good home. Clean name with a good looking avatar.

Remaps: 2
KR: 0

Start: 3.5B
BO: 6B


how much ISK you asking for?

Let’s start this with 3.5 bil

3.7b isk ready now

4.2bill can send info in 45m

I could do 4.6 bil

Ill go 4.8b

Isk ready in hand.

5b ready right now

5.2b isk ready.

5.3b ready now

The Onigiezer. Contact me if you’re still interested.

rog isk and mail sent. Postal is my wallet toon.

Just making some tea and I’ll take care of the rest.

awesome thanks

6 bil.

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