WTS 7.5 M SP Combat/Cyno Alt 2010

More than 7.5 M SP character with a colorful past as a combat/cyno alt.

4 Attribute Remaps Available!

Wallet Balance: 6,884 ISK
Kill rights: None
Jump Clones: None
Location: Jita 4-4

BabaHabas Skills at EveSkillboard

I’ve never sold a chacter before, please be patient with me. Thanks!

4.4 b in honor of jita and your almost -10 sec status.

4 hrs remain til it has been 24hrs with no response - at which time my bid is cancelled.

Seller unresponsive (24hrs) previous bid cancelled.

So sorry to see you go. Thanks for the offer. Cheers m8m8.

Hi Shnitzel. Thank you for the offer. This is my first time doing this, please be patient with me. I also work weekends and most weekdays atm so my response time may be slow. I’ll get back to you on your offer. Thank you again.

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