WTS 7.5m SP -> PI + Freighter Toon /w Cybernetics V

Hey I am for sale,
Positive wallet,
Positive sec status(4.3)
No kill rights,
in NPC corp

Skill Highlights
-Planetonology, Advanced Planetology, Remote Sensing and Command Center Upgrade at IV
-Interplanetary Consolidation V

-Minmatar Freighter IV
-Minmatar Industrial V

-Cybernetics V

Awesome name just to make a note :slight_smile:
Once EveSkillboard is up again I’ll create a skillboard.

Best offer or 7.5B B/O (lowered)

5,4 Bi

I need more for the toon, but thanks for the first offer

Do PI, haul it away and farm SP with this cool specialized low SP toon. To the TOP!

6.8B offer. Price still negotiable.


7B and it’s yours

7B accepted. I will send isk in 12 hours.

Deal confirmed, waiting for isk transfer

Isk send to [The MadScientist]. Please transfer your character to MineGreenHat3.

Isk recieved, I initiated character transfer.

Enjoy commander o7

Transfer email received. Fly safe o7.

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