Wts 7.6sp industry toon

(Oskold Olgidar) #1

NPC Corp
Location Rens VI - Moon 8 - Brutor Tribe Treasury
Positive Wallet
no kill rights
clone located Location Rens VI - Moon 8 - Brutor Tribe Treasury
neural remap available

I used this toon for industry so most of his skills are trained for that.
Decent miner and production skills
able to fly prowler and only a hour of training to fly an orca

eveboard sheet

All ccp rules apply

(Maimai Yuan) #2

I’ll start with 1b

(Pharcide Kwok) #3

fyi omega doesnt follow the character it stays on your account.

(Brock Khans) #4

3.2bil offer

(Maimai Yuan) #5


(Brock Khans) #6


(Maimai Yuan) #7

4 billion

(Brock Khans) #8


(A Mess) #9

4.5 Bil

(Heino Haginen) #10

8 Bil

(A Mess) #11

6.5 Bil

(FuninTheSun) #12


(A Mess) #13

7.5 Bil

(Oskold Olgidar) #14

I have accepted Heinos offer of 8 bil and am awaiting isk and account info.

(Oskold Olgidar) #15

ISK accepted and transfer started

(A Mess) #16

Damn, editing the comments to up the bid is dirty

(system) #17

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