WTS 7.7mil SP starter Character - cybernetics/mining/transport/basic PI

Date of Birth 2020-09-14
NPC Corporation
clean employment history
Located in high-sec “Jita”
positive security status
no kill rights
remap available now, with two bonus remaps also available. (Three total remaps)
wallet 0
Skill Points 7,747,261

skill highlights:
cybernetic V
mining drone V
mining V
mining barge V
spaceship command V
advanced spaceship command V

EveSkillboard - Quincy William Monk

Looking to get 5Bil

07, I can offer 4b. Cuz the skills is not what I need exactly…:slight_smile:

4,5b and we can go

4.0b let s go…still some skills i dont need

just a try :wink:
accepted…send ISK + accountname and i´ll start transfer

just confirm, to this character ?

yes please use “Quincy William Monk”

isk and name sent

isk received and transfer is initiated

Thx and fly safe!

transfer completed by 23.02.2021 01:54:34

character received thk fly safe

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